Frequently Asked Questions

What do the tuition fees include?

All fees include the tutor preparing a tailored lesson for the student(s) beforehand, delivering the lesson, giving out resources and materials as appropriate and preparing and marking any homework.

How will payment of fees work?

All fees are payable in advance for each half term block (between 5-7 weeks). Fees will be paid via a direct bank transfer. A deposit of £50 is payable at the commencement of tuition. It will be refunded at the termination of tuition providing TWO weeks prior notice or more is given.

What do you teach?

This depends on the student’s academic ability. A student could have gaps in their learning and knowledge therefore these will often be addressed first. The assessment session(s) will highlight this. However, for school aged students the National Curriculum is followed. This ensures we are teaching the same objectives as schools.

How do you teach?

Each student will be taught in a structured and cumulative way as one lesson will lead on to the next. Where possible lessons are taught using a multisensory routine which means students use the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic channels to help them learn and remember. New concepts are taught through directed discovery and visual demonstrations. Modelling is used by the tutor to demonstrate what is required of the student. Lessons also include short engaging activities and games to reinforce learning.

Do you give homework?

Yes, each student can receive at least one piece of homework after each lesson and it is the requirement that it is completed and given in the next lesson. The homework will usually consist of work covered in the taught lesson. More homework can be given, but it depends on the age of the student and other commitments.

What will the Tutor do in the assessment session?

The initial lesson with student and tutor will consist of informal assessments of the student’s academic ability in the subject they wish to have tuition in but please note that this is a paid lesson. This could in the form of short activities and games designed to test specific learning areas. However other things are assessed like: level of confidence, presentation skills and concentration levels to name a few. The tutor records the information and results so that you can be given verbal feedback about the assessment and clearly see some of the areas tuition is needed in over future weeks.

How does the Spark Tuition process work?

You can arrange an initial/informal assessment session which will enable you to meet the Tutor and discuss further the kind of tuition needed. These lessons consist of 45 minutes with 15 minutes of feedback and advice. A copy of the private tuition learning agreement will be emailed to you for you to read carefully so that it can be signed and dated at the end of the first lesson should you wish to continue with tuition. A block of lessons is then paid for.